With Simply Giving, you'll never need to play
"catch up" at year's end.

simply giving logoSimply Giving is a no-cost Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) program that withdraws your gift from your checking or savings account and deposits it directly into the congregation's bank account. It gives you peace of mind that your stewardship commitment is taken care of and that the congregation receives predictable revenues. It's convenient, reliable, safe and confidential.

Just fill out a Simply Giving Authorization Form, mail it to the church office (marking the envelope "ATTN: Simply Giving", and your stewardship plan is moved into action. You decide the frequency of your automatic gift--weekly, semi-monthly or monthly--and you can increase, decrease or cancel your gift at any time.


Simply Giving Authorization Form

Always place your signed & completed form in a sealed envelope
marked "ATTN: Simply Giving" and give to the
Simply Giving Coordinator.

ATTENTION: Simply Giving Participants

During our annual Stewardship Drive, any changes to your pledge from the previous year you
will need to complete a new Authorization Form to reflect those changes.

If you have any questions about the Simply Giving program or the Simply Giving Authorization Form,
please contact your Simply Giving Coordinator:

Sandra Governor