God lovesWe are a Lutheran congregation, which means that we believe in God, revealed to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our lives are rooted in the good news of salvation that comes in the life, death and resurrection of the son, Jesus Christ. It is that good news that frees us from our self-centeredness and allows us to live for others, following Jesus.

Our teachings are firmly based in the scriptures, both New and Old Testaments that make up the Bible. We also hold the creeds and historic documents of the Lutheran tradition to be authoritative and helpful in our understanding of scripture.

It is a loving God who calls us to wholeness and health. It is a loving God who offers us life filled with meaning and joy. It is a loving God who walks with us in our times of need and calls us to accompany others in their journeys. It is a loving God who offers life in the face of death and hope to counter despair. It is a loving God that we gather to thank and praise each Sunday. God's love is for everyone.